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I just recently and turns out theres an app for this. Im glad to say that will I be posting more often.

the dream

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for centuries cultures have had stories to explain what exactly is a dream is for and where it takes you but i stand here to tell you that i believe it is some what similar to the legends. Dreams are a medium a hard wire for messages of sorts. glimpses of the long forgotten and the hidden memories
deep within the vastness of the mind. they can also be a place where if the conditions are rite the future is fortold, the past reviles its intentions and purposes. I have often found myself reviewing my dreams not to try to interpret them for that would end in disaster of some sort but to let them speak for them selfs.

Ill have more next week but for now I must go till next time i bid the a dew

Agent foxx

couldn’t of said it better

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I just got this computer back for my use (family took it) and this is just to fill in for a post since i dont have anything at the moment


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well ……. happy valentines!?! and mabe ill wake up and actuly update this place every now and then (if i can only remember)