From unknown on Hello its Agent Foxx # [Pending]

r we classified y r we hidden ur goverment hates us will u hate us ur on kind

Well unknown no our kinds are not classified the government gust wants to hide us. We are not classified they want to hide us so they can try to use us ageist the world so the humans don’t have to fight. Since we are all better than them that gives them all the more want to do in with our freedom.

We our hidden for the same reason so they can be the ultimate power.

My government dose not hate our kinds thats more of a cover for there operations. Also why wold I hate our kinds if I was not a kitsune then maybe I wold think like they do but i feel like famliy with our kinds more than with any one else accept my first family may i find them one day.

2 Responses to “why?”

  1. So the goverment knows who u are and they are keeping u hostige???

  2. Oh my bad hehe now I understand 🙂

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