The 4th of July!

The forth of July is coming up! If you don’t know what it is well its to celibrate America’s freedom from England.Or as I like to call it our celibration of our right of having freedom taken away! The government dose not realize there is forces that are planing to strike back! I agree with the forces that our government neads to be restored to its original democracy. What the government has ben doing lately is stripping Americans of there rights and freedoms ! If we put the govenment even 50 years back in there laws then America wold see alot less of crime and todays problems. Also our medical neads they are mostly offering treetments insted of cures! The monny craving govenment is the only reason our economy is like it is! So the next time your celibrating the forth of July to express these items in your day and your thoughts! Barack Hussein Obama II is trying to take away all your rights and i say its time to make a stand agenst him!                 GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!

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