llyon – 

my good friend,

what is going on on ilovewerewolves site? we have go to add order to it. but this site is good well done.*claps* ok down to work.

what of this collar you have been testing what are its capablitys? is it a danger?

What is going on on ilw’s is what I see as the start of a rebellious act ageist any one who try’s to make peace. I also see a separation of friends and family.

I have worked on this collar yes and I have used it but I will only tell you the parts that I can.The capability of this device when I left was there where able to almost have complete control over the subject and I have my verson still but only till I can coppy the hard ware to stop it with its own programing.

They right now are a danger as I think wereboy stated and they will be a thret soon and that is why I still have mine.As I have sayd befor I do not agree to there actions but they will alwas fail in the end.

Also if any one of you on the inside read this do not go and try to stop them yet not till they are a thret and I have the program for our forces cant stop theres at this time of  the testing once it is compleated we will strike!

3 Responses to “collar?”

  1. llyon Says:

    thank you friend

  2. agentfoxx Says:

    You’r very much welcome.

  3. jakar Says:

    ur right after someone tries to make peace they and say ur wrong

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