the Q’s of life #1 friends

In life we make friends and those friends are conciterd family right? Friends make every minute of life living well right? We today use the word friends to loosely kinda like were we use the rating 10 to loosely right? Here is what I know as the definition of friends, friends are people that are close to you always willing to give there time or even there life for there friends friends are close friends are always able to be counted on in time of need for friends are permeate and not gust replaceable like items that have no meaning is friends are close as they chose to be the closer you get the easier life is for wold you go into a battle alone for your country or would you like a army of friends to accompany you? Now the next time i talk with you it will be about family thank you for reading and I hope this will help you sometime in your life.

Agent Foxx

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