the Q’s of life #2 family

What is family? Are they the ones you are related to? Are they the people you are very close to? Or are they your friends? The real answer is all of the above for family is more than the ones you are related to close to or even friends with. Family is such a complex word in a world of hurt. Dont let your family down buy you actions for wile you are hurting them you are hurting your self more! Don’t hurt your family for they are helping you thew life more than you think. How do they help you? (hint: look at last post) How do you help them? As Ronald Regan said “dont ask what your contry can do for you ask what can you do for your contry” i feal in this case it shold be  dont ask what your family can do for you but ask what you can do for your family. Remember these are the people that help you with the wars of life! Do not hinder them or you will be lost in the world with no way out but to fix the hinderance. The next post will be about the wars of life.

Agent Foxx

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