the Q’s of life #3 the wars of life

War but I don’t want to be in a war?!? Well what can I do to stay away from the wars of life? How are there wars of life? Who starts them and finishes them? All of the questions above are easily answered buy this…… You may not want to go though the wars of life but it is imposable not to as you can do nothing to prevent them ether. the wars of life are caused by your every day actions and the temptations caused buy them. Who starts and finishes the wars of life in your life is all up to you your choices to be specific. The wars of life are easier to go thew with your friends and family as it has been stated in earlier posts.
Now ask your self what wars you have won and with ones you have lost? What can you do to fix the problem if there is one? how do your friends and family help you in the wars of life? And now ask yourself what you do to help your friends and family in the wars of life? The next in this series will be about your choices.

Agent Foxx

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