the Qs of life #4 your choices

What do my choices have to do with this? What are good choices and what are bad ones? Why choices ?Well this post is about choices because it is the way you fight the wars of life with your friends and family. A good choice is one that is to help you not hinder like a bad choice is. The choices are sort of like this tea/water vs pop/coffee the coffee or the pop tastes relay good but there bad for you as tea or water is good for you. The point of that was to show you that the good choice is not always the most favorable at first but it will be in the end. Like your every day choices like stealing it may be the fastest way to get some thing but you will end up in jail as if you gust earned the money first and bought it that may be slower but it has no bad ending. Now i suggest that you talk with a friend of family member and discus how do choices help the wars of life? Now also ask your self were do I go for help on my choices(hint look back in previous posts)? How do they help me ? And last for today What good choices have i made this week vs bad choices? Next post will be about what influences you in your choices.

Agent Foxx

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