the Qs of life #5 influences on your choices

What dose influence mean? What dose it have do do with my choices? Why is any of this important? Well influence means what helps cause that to happen. It has to do with your choices because bad influences like rap and most rock are bad influences on your thinking. Ever noticed that after you listen to ether of these or watched certain tv shows u feel angry of depressed? That is because the “influenced” your emotions witch have a great deal on your choices! That is why you need to try and stay happy for that is the best way to get a positive look on the world and have good choices! I know as well as you do no one can stay happy forever so you will alwas go off track once and a wile so don’t feel bad if you do. Now ask yourself what bad choices can you thing of when you have a positive outlook  on life? Also ask yourself what good choices that you have made when you had a negative outlook on life? If your answer was not none try to rethink that. Next can you make a good decision when you are sad or a bad desision when your happy? That was a trick question the answer is yes you can. So now that we are this far can you guess what the next post will be about? If you answered being happy vs being sad you are correct! Till next time.

Agent Foxx

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  1. kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllll

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