The Qs of life #6 being happy vs being sad

So what if I’m happy or sad how dose this do anything? How come it is confusing to read these posts sometimes ? Who cares about this topic?!?         The thing is that when you are happy you tend to make better decisions then when you are sad, mad, depressed…… and so on. Now listen carefully because if you read the last post you might be thinking that I said it was impossible to make a bad decision when you are happy or a good decision when you are sad. well I didn’t say that I said “……. Also ask yourself what good choices that you have made when you had a negative outlook on life? If your answer was not none try to rethink that………” . There i was talking about a positive out look and a negative out look not happy vs  sad. these posts are hard to read because there made to make you think not gust read thew like a direction label on something you get at the store. You should care about this topic for its easier to have a positive outlook when you are happy  for it is easier to have a negative out  look on life when you are sad. NOTE: look carefully at the last to sentences for I say it was easier not  impossible.  Now ask your self what did this post make you wander about your self today? What to know what it made me think about? It made me think about what the next post is! before I leave you today let me ask you one last thin do these posts prove help full in any way? i thank you for reading this post today and I hope you have a wonderful day. the next post will be about truth and lies. till the next time we meet.

Agent Foxx

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