Dear friends

Dear Friends

I am proud to say the lessons of life are hard to go though alone. That’s why I’m saying this Joey you are forgiven but don’t always expect that answer. There is always a consequence for every action . Confess what is covered by lye’s and broadcast the truth to the world! If you lye even if it means life or death it is wrong. The truth will always come out in the end so why lye? I wont answer these Qs for you you have to look into yourself to see the TRUE answers.

Agent Foxx

6 Responses to “Dear friends”

  1. Luka Firyx Says:

    Foxx can we talk on msn? all my files have been destroyed. so if you want to talk to me, accept my invite.

  2. luka no one hates you so just hang out wit me and Foxx when u at ilw’s

  3. GreenScales Says:


  4. GreenScales Says:

    Veruks natashk…………bevenelo, brother

  5. GreenScales Says:

    you there?

  6. agentfoxx Says:


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