the Qs of life #7 truth vs lye

Why do we have to go over this?!? Why cant we talk about happiness or something? Well it this comes to mind then you have a problem with this don’t you.Well to tell the truth we all have problems with these. Now I don’t want to say tell the truth and don’t lye but it isn’t that simple. Telling the truth is like fighting for the good side you will always win in the end! Telling a lye is like Darth Vader (star wars spoof) he loses in the end. Telling the truth will build up trust in your life wile telling a lye will make you loose that trust.If your wandering how this relates to the last posts it dose because you are closer with your friends and family when you tell the truth! What lies have you said in the past day or so? What truth have you spoken in that same time frame? Dose the truth dominate the list or dose the lies? How can you make this better? That’s all for today the next post will be about trust! Till next we meet on the roads of life.

Agent Foxx

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