the Qs of life #9 death

DEATH!?!WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THIS?!?Well I know some of you don’t want to talk about this so I respect that but it is a necessity to. As I know as well as you do we are going to loose people though death. But that makes no reason to morn as said in this poem.
Gone but not forgoten!
The ones we loose in life that are close and dear;
When we lose them we are in drear
To the ones lost but always found;
In our tears we will not dround
For we will miss you;
In this life we go though
But we won’t fear;
If we hold our memory’s near
For you may be gone;
You will never be forgotten.
Agent Foxx
Death is a time you can get closer to friends and family. Now I know some of you have lost loved ones to death so i am sorry for that. But ask yourself did that bring you closer to the other ones you loved? If you haven't lost any one do you think you will handle it the right way? and further for both of you dose this help you? The next post will be about your problems . That's all for now till next time.

Agent Foxx

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