The Qs of life 2#11 anger

Wait what Agent Foxx i thought you had anger problems? How can that be any good when your teaching how to control it?

Yes i admit i have anger issues but that makes it better for me to teach you because i know what its like and how it works and how to get on the path for treating it.

First thing to start of with do you yell a lot? Fight a lot? Or even think of killing?!? if you answered yes to at-least one of these then you have anger issues.

I have anger issues? Is that bad? What can i do to stop them?

Well yes you do it you could answer yes to at-least one of my qs. Is it bad not necessarily but it can grow worse if no action is taken to stop it. What can you do to stop them well this isn’t a over night thing its more like a sport it takes practice. I suggest you talk to a parent grand parent brother or sister or even a close friend you will find that will do you better than using councilor (witch i do not believe in) and that just about wraps today up. One last thing we will be starting a new series about well ill give you a hint +. thank you for reading and see you next time.

Agent Foxx

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