What the #%&$

pklett92 Fri 9/25/09 3:37 PM
I have a question for your site…If man kind can create something that is possibly ten times more powerful than any were, than what will weres do to protect there dignity?

Well pklett92 these “experiments” may be stronger but they have no true dignity for they are how they were en-tended to be they were altered in a genetics lab. On the other hand were’s were born how they are suppose to be leaving them to have them to have there dignity. Now I do believe it is wrong to alter DNA but the gov as much as they hide it it is always present. Also these “experiments” all have some defect weather a short life expectancy to unwanted mutations. So I’ll end it with this the gov. dose things that are un-humane but will eventually bring it all into the open. I hope that answers ur Q.

Agent Foxx

6 Responses to “What the #%&$”

  1. thank you, I agree that they are inhuman creations, and that they should be destroyed… however the time for that is too late…the first ones were dispatched last week, and they are living and breathing well…If you like i will continue to give you private information about the wereabouts and actions of these monsters through private email…

  2. and trust me they will have majormhelth issues like alwasys no mater how hard tey hide it

  3. Why is there change? Is there any way I can avoid it? Please help me

  4. ill get back with you in a few minutes

  5. Thank you Agent Foxx

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