Death is only the begining: You Vs. God

1. Do you know whats worth dyeing for?
2. Do you know when you will dye?
3. Do you know where you are going?
4. Can you answer all of these with yes?

Well your answers should be maybe, no, yes, no in that order .If you are wandering how I should know your answers? that is because Q1 it could be ether way Q2 Only God knows your time to go Q3 yes because ether your saved or not Q4 you could not possibly know what God only knows.

Now that we are done with that. You vs. God really? I wander who would win hmmmmm? You should not test God for you are a idiot if you do that or fight God! You will lose every fight ageist him it is impossible to win. But with him you will never lose!!!!

Agent Foxx

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