Chilling truth behind the zombie tech meme! Nerds and geeks never needed bleak forecasts to embrace the undead

Zombies are awesome! Everybody knows that … now.

Thanks to what critics describe as a concurrent rise of zombie pop and political cultures, the mainstream now enjoys a plethora of movies (most recently, “Zombieland,”) undead literature (the Jane Austen mashup “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”) and social hordes, such as the Zombie Con pub crawls that take place across the country.

“Zombies are an apocalyptic threat, we are living in times of apocalyptic anxiety,” “World War Z” author Max Brooks recently told Salon. Indeed, wonks have even embraced “zombie meme” to mean political rhetoric that refuses to die.

But nerds and geeks never needed bleak cultural forecasts to embrace post-modern zombies from “Dawn of the Dead” to “Shaun of the Dead.” (“How Zombies Work” on HowStuffWorks anyone?)
These are creatures of science gone awry, a virus or space rays, what have you, requiring society’s underdogs to rise up and destroy.

Here then, are six examples of the true “zombie meme,” as embraced by the tech heads.

Vote: How will the coming zombie apocalypse ensue?


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