taken from http://api.ning.com/files/AijmKDaDI6uFkIn0Jhoeysrcgv5pJpYqM-5cn-9YVgJ54UyN37lJOeEC6ZaDTzY-4f7YajmagDg9GhOHhPwL51au5rx0PJsG/13things.pdf

This is not a big secret and although some act like they are Supreme
Beings, they are merely human beings. They breathe, bleed and like all
others, eventually die. They are neither invincible nor indestructible. All
the people who try to get you to register your children, guns or pay their
taxes, each and everyone of them are human beings.
Because they are human beings, they make mistakes and they
have concerns that quite likely have nothing to do with their government
jobs. They, like you, have debts, children, mortgages and worries. They
are concerned about their pensions and careers and when you deal with
them, mentioning their humanity will often bring them off their high horses.
It’s called establishing a common ground.
As long as you remember they are human, you can fight them
successfully. Do not give them any more power than they already have.
Some might say, “There are so many in that Ministry, I can’t fight them
all!” Although potentially true, the fact is you do not have to fight them
all. Between the agent you are speaking with and the top of the chain,
there may well only be 4 or 5 others. You can fight each one of them.
No foe is effectively fought by attacking their strengths; to fight
successfully, the objective must be to attack their weakness’. When fighting
any government agent, the best way to fight is to attack not their mandate,
but their pensions, assets and ability to feed their children. Never attack
your opponent when they are strong. Attack instead where they are weak
and not expecting it.
Like all relationships, any interaction between you and a
government agent will be about power. They likely feel they already have
it. Power has a very unique nature. Although easily claimed, taking it
actually requires either force or subterfuge. The people who want you to
believe that they have power over you need you top believe it as well. The
moment you question their authority, they are in a position as human
beings where they have to prove it exists lawfully. By making it so difficult
to do that as human beings they give up, you have effectively removed
any authority they may have had.
These humans that you will be dealing with are often caring,
compassionate people whose goal is not to harm you, but to help build a
society. By demonstrating your own compassionate caring nature, you
force them to look at you not as an adversary, but as a fellow believer.
Once you have established the common ground, you then seize the moral
high ground.
Power results from knowledge. If you can cause them to question
their knowledge of certain words, you can cause them to question their
own authority. Suddenly, this single human being who thought they had
power is in a position where they have to question the human being who
is acting as their principle. Every question you ask that they can’t answer
weakens them.

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