Im sorry but this is war

War something we are all familiar with. Why is there war? There is war for the evil in all of us allows conflict. Who is the war ageist? Ill tell ya this is no ordinary war this is far more meaningful we fight every one from the nonbelievers in Christ to the governments unrighteous acts. How could we possibly win? Do not show doubt in Christ Jesus or stand behind me demons of the earth, we will win for we are the true believers the concurs of this world “I can do any thing through Christ that strengthens me”. But? But?!? there is no buts God said it it will happen and that is it no buts! This is what God has always saw coming and always has planed His victory over this mortal world and none that stand in his way will ever see the light of day again. The time draws even nearer to His return! I do not know about the rest of the world but Im ready are you?
Death is only the beginning

Agent Foxx

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