What percentage of hospitalizations for 2009 H1N1 flu occur in different age groups in the United States?

The percentage of hospitalizations for 2009 H1N1 flu in the United States varies by age group. From August 30, 2009 through October 10, 2009, states reported 4,958 laboratory-confirmed 2009 H1N1 hospitalizations to CDC. The percentage of 2009 H1N1 related hospitalizations that occurred among those 0 to 4 years old was 19%; among those 5 years to 18 years was 25%; among people 19 years to 24 years was 9%; among those 25 years to 49 years was 24%; among people 50 to 64 years was 15%; and among people 65 years and older was 7%. For a graphical representation of this data.

I do hope that members will read the data on this Thread and refuse to be vaccinated with the H1N1 virus when it is released in the US and the UK in the winter months.

I have been away from this Forum for some years but felt impelled to return to it a few weeks ago and posted the thread below which I note has proved to be very popular with our members as it has attracted over 1400 visits which is unusual for a post within a short space of just under 3 weeks.

Oscillococcinum used to treat the Swine Flu H1N1 Virus in the 1918 Pandemic

I was very concerned that the respective governments in the 2 countries had decided to enforce mandatory vaccination on their population for reasons best known to them even though they are fully aware that in doing so they were exposing them to unknown dangers and after effects that can result from this vaccination. It is also very strange to note that the Swine Flu H1N1 vaccine has not been subjected to the usual testing procedure used by the FDA and is being released in a manner that is questionable and dangerous merely because the virus has reappeared after many years. It seems to have done so this time at a level that seems to be much less dangerous than the last recorded pandemic in 1918.

There is no reason to panic at all and my advice to anyone who reads this post is to categorically refuse to be vaccinated. If one has contacted the virus it is best to consult your doctor but I would urge you not to take the Tamiflu tablets which do very little to help the patient and have been reported to cause other more serious long term side effects including Vomiting, Diarrhoea and other general distress.

Treat the Flu as you have done with other Flues and rest at home for a few days till the virus goes through standard 5 day cycle when it will leave you.

I have recommended the use of Gelsemium 30 in the Wet dose taken twice daily for prophylaxis for all who have not contacted this virus as it seems to be the best Homeopathic remedy to be used to avoid this Flu. Oscillococcinum 200 can be used in the Wet dose taken 3 times dialy if one has caught the virus and this usually reduces the fever in a few hours. Please read my posts on the Flu to get more information.

The Wet dose is made by inserting 4 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water from which about 100ml has been poured out to provide airspace. The water is shaken hard (succussed) to produce bubbles every time before a teaspoonful of the remedy water is sipped. I prefer to use the remedy in the liquid pack in Ethanol as I have found that this is more potent than the standard pellets. You can order this from any Homeopathic Pharmacy and you will ask for the remedy in a 5ml bottle with a dropper arrangement as you will only use 3 drops in a 500 ml bottle of spring water.

I would also recommend that everyone spends some time in reading the many links that Gina has provided on the virus as they provide a wealth of information and will open your eyes to the danger of being vaccinated.
Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka

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