Jack, on December 8th, 2009 at 11:36 Said:

Why is there change? Is there any way I can avoid it? Please help me

No one likes certain types of change like loosing a close friend or something of that sort. But about every one likes the change of more of items like money. But change is necessary. I would like the change of presidents right now as I bet most of you would. But as much as it is a deterrent it is a great help. Its like a love hate thing you can love half of it and hate the rest of it that’s understandable. Now Jack think of a life with out change think long and hard.(with out change nothing could exist for every ting would never get here if it wasn’t for change) That doesn’t look so pretty dose it? Now change is out there so that we don’t have to suffer that. Jack the best way to get past change is to have a positive out look on it it must happen so better things may come.

7 Responses to “Change”

  1. did that answer it

  2. Yes it helps but I did not notice that .

  3. dint notice wha

  4. I did not notice what would happen with out change.

  5. oh ya not very pretty

  6. But thank you for the help.

  7. your very welcome jack

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