My Breaking discovery

I have a message for all of you of great importance. I cant stay for long to tell you for now so I will fill you in on the basics.

Inside the GCHQ and the NSA the sun never shines, there is no night and day.In both sprawling complexes of buildings set in rustic countryside the listening gose on from pole to pole and all points in between.

The trillions of words spoken buy the human race every day,in five hundred languages and a thousand dialects ,are heard,culled,windowed,sorted,rejected,retained and, if interesting studied and traced.

That’s gust the start both agency’s encode decrypt in hundreds of codes, and there are special divisions for recovery,attack, cyber crimes, bugging ,ext.

Its almost impossible to hide any attempt of anarchy,or crimes of any sort but who says we have to hide? Speek out be herd and never back down!

Agent Foxx

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