War-Winning and Profiting

Well although this was not asked to me directy why are our troops still in Iraq. Well its because of greed. This may not make since to you at first but heres the run down. The large banks of the world (mostly in china) fund wars because they put about 10% in they get 90%  of gun and wepon profits. Wile we the pepole want a war won these banks want unlasting wars. heres some more food for thr thought they hire the presedents befor they run and pay them big bucks to make wars jfk was the only presedent that was not in with them and when he speaks out against them the worst tragity in america hapens.  Gread is a powerfull tool in the world but it is not easly conquerd. Now lets take a trip to the past *plz step in the simulator* now close your eyes and imagin that your in the roman battle feild mass destruction bodys every were but this is not what i want you to see now imagin your in a blacksmiths tent  they make there own wepons right? go to the emporers palace he isnt being bribed now is he? *now lets come back out* in todays battlefeild we may assemble the wepons for them but the parts are from china tiwan japan ext.. are you starting to cath my drift . One nation gose bankrupt and the otheres stocks go up.gust like a game of monoply buy your oponens out and you end up in total power. Is any of this makeing scence to you? Any more Qs about this plz comment and ill get back to you.

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