Why are sundays not alwasys sunny?

Why are sundays not always sunny? Well this one isn’t as the normal way i talk about things a joke a friend made once actually is a good point. *Sunday* first here ill show you this buy breaking down the word Sunday Sun as in Jesus Christ the Son of God the father, and day . so basically it means the day of Jesus Christ. And lets look at it a different way Sun as in joyfulness and happiness on the day of the sun, and again day. We usually don’t take in to consideration that this day should be fully devoted to Christ Jesus the sun of God hence the word SUNday. But most of use who might go to church as i know im guilty of it gust sit there zone out and look at the clock every 5 minutes. Now that’s wrong but God as forgiving as he is gust hits us with something eventually leavening us to notice it. I would like to thank my pastors i will not name them for safety issues. Now some Sunday activity’s are okay but you all know what items are unacceptable on sundays . Now that dose not mean you spend all day in church on sunday i did that last fall it was the best day ever! but still my point is just prais God in Sinless acts all day praise him in every way you can think of witness do what ever just don’t do any thing you would ever regret. Now i hope you got something out of this and this is Agent Foxx sinning off.

2 Responses to “Why are sundays not alwasys sunny?”

  1. sundays… day of the holey spirit… so maybe its not sunny on that day becouse its god punishment for zoneing in and out while in church (hence why i don’t go)

  2. lol i meant figuratively but as a punishment i think thats possible but you should go still

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