GI JOE :knowing is half the battle

Hey all I recently saw this phrase again* lol “knowing is half the battle”. Well if knowing is half the battle then whats the other 50%?

In life’s battles we already know what the first 5o% is right? (and if you don’t your a complete idiot) So what is the other half you are probably wandering rite? Well I believe that some of you have not even got on the pie chart gust yet. 1st if you don’t know Christ then you cant get on the chart ever! 2nd if you know Christ then your 50% which most of you will always stay at. BUT 3rd if you put your life fully out in faith that God will come through then you reward will be in abundance (and yes i do use that word regularly) but if you are stuck at 2 then you will be ether lying to your self all you life about making it that far of you don’t truly going out on faith.

For example if God told you to walk off a cliff in true faith and he would send a angle to rescue you right before you hit the bottom then he said if you have the slightest doubt i will allow you to hit the bottom could you truly do it?

If he told you to kill the Pastor because he is a false profit and he would protect you from the law but if you doubted him ever so slightly He would let them kill you could you do it?

What if he told you that some drunken dude would come buy and shoot you and he would bring you back to life but if you have the slightest doubt in him he would not bring you back from the grave could you do it?

Now if you are like Paul then yes yes you could do it but if you are one of the scum who call them self’s Christians who arn’t you would die. You ether need to step up or step down its your choice answer the call or the door or read the letter He has sent you do what He told you to do in true faith for Him or suffer the ultimate punishment hell.

Like i said its time to improve or move step up or step down be the best or settle for average. Its your choice what will you do in His name?

Agent Foxx

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