Two things have been bothering me lately first off I haven’t posted anything in over a month, and now that that is taken care of the other item that’s been bothering me pre-destination.

Now after debating with my self I asked Him for help understanding this subject and consulting His word for answers and I think I have a pretty good idea what this means.

Pre-destination is a largely debated subject because if you are predestine to die in a gang face off the argument that says you have NO choice but if we switch it we have you chose to die in that fight then there is no such thing as predestination which would scream there is no creator but neither of these are entirely true. You see that first off think of a video game and you controlling it the video game will act as a refract to life and its plausibility and the controller/you will act as your ability to change the time line of life and last off the tv will represent the dimension in witch there is no time like the one where He lives and now that we are here lets start the explanation. You can decide what you will do in the game altering the time line slightly but you have to chose something that’s possible in the game you are predestine to chose one of those choices that are possible and if you would be able to look into the future and past you would know the out come of your actions witch when put together yes you can alter the future by making choices and yes you are free to decide your fate and yes there is such a thing a predestination but that’s in another dimension. It dose not exist at all in our dimension but it is necessary to know it dose exist but God is the only one that knows predestination for predestination is first off it only exist in the dimension in witch time has no hold of (heaven) and second off its impossible to completely understand unless you are all knowing and only the Creator is all knowing 3rd off predestination has to exist or God could not exist in that sense for if hes all knowing he would know what you are predestine to do. If you say we are just puppets controlled by a puppet master then your wrong again it says in His word that he gives us free will although He knows that we will make the wrong choices there would be no reason for our existence. He created us so that we might accompany Him and worship Him BUT he wants us to only be there if we truly wish to be and love him with no end. Yes it pains Him when we fall but He is ever loving and has endless forgiveness so if we make the ONE AND ONLY rite choice we will be able to live eternity with Him.

I hope I dint just confuse you more but I wish I did so you will seek the truth.

Agent Foxx

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